Gender balance

Participation and equality in the field of music technology

SoundMiT has always wanted equal opportunities and non-discrimination in the field of electronic arts and technologies; starting from this 2022 edition, SoundMiT is even more committed to achieving parity in participation, breaking down gender stereotypes, promoting equality and respect.

Short, medium and long-term actions aim to make significant progress in a historically not very inclusive sector to ensure equality and promote a correct distribution of genres and identities in the music technology industry.


Drafted with the collaboration of an external consultant, the SoundMiT Equality Plan has 3 main objectives:


1) Partnership and networking for participation

SoundMiT has activated a network of collaboration with important international realities active in gender balancing practices in the music industry with the aim of disseminating invitations to participate and thus reach new audiences to our targets. SoundMiT is proud to have networks as Community Sponsor

Keychange and Female: Pressure. 

2) Educating on non-discrimination

SoundMiT proposes historicized models to break down stereotypes, dedicating the right space to the narration of the contributions of women and non-binary identities in the history of contemporary sound and its technologies to re-educate knowledge to expand cultures.

SOUNDMIT 2020 - Exclusive Interview with Suzanne Ciani with Johann Merrich and Giorgio Li Calzi

3) Perfect communication

Attentive and receptive, SoundMiT's communication employs neutral and inclusive terms to respect all identities.

4) New Models

SoundMiT gives greater space and visibility to non-binary identities and women to allow the creation of new models in the hope of inspiring other realities in the sector to reverberate this necessary cultural revolution.